Stop the Harpenden Luton Incinerator

Stop the Harpenden and Luton Incinerator (SHLI) is fighting to STOP Emsrayne's Lea Bank Energy Park* (LBEP) planning application to build a giant incinerator plant on green belt land owned by the Luton Hoo estate and situated on the Lower Harpenden Road at East Hyde.

*The giant waste incinerator formerly know as Chiltern Green Energy Park (CGEP)

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Just 2 miles from central Harpenden and Luton

This impacts you because:

• CO2 and NOx released 24/7

• An HGV every 2.5 minutes for 11 hours a day

• Building as long as Harpenden High Street With a chimney 100 metres high

• We will become the Nation’s dumping ground.
All Hertfordshire’s landfill waste would be burnt in 5 weeks – the other 47 weeks it would burn waste from around and outside the UK

• If you live to the south of the site, the River Lea and its unique chalk stream will run beneath, through and alongside sewage, landfill and pollutants before reaching your local park

• If you have children, they will probably be attending one of the 40 schools (yes 40) within a 5 mile radius of the proposed site

Not to mention: smell, light, flora, fauna, noise....

Message from Bim Afolami

MP for Hitchin and Harpenden

I am 100% determined to ensure than no incinerator is built so close to our beautiful constituency. Firstly, let me say the sheer amount of correspondence I have received regarding the incinerator has been truly astounding. I would like to thank everyone for contacting me and outlining their opposition on this matter.


SHLI have done some amazing things to date, but so far only a few people have been asked to fund everything - website, flyers, banners, tee shirts etc. Now we need your help to step it up as we are going to need PR support, more printing, video production and legal representation.

So we have set up a Go Fund Me page.

Please donate whatever you can afford to our cause and share this message with all your contacts. The site asks you to add a percentage onto your donation but feel free to decline.

We are aiming for £10k as a realistic target. We are making good progress but we need to be ready to mobilise all our resources, both human and capital, when Emsrayne lodge the Planning Application in September.

Thank you for all your efforts to date. It is much appreciated.

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You can have your own impact by:

• Joining our database (Sign up NOW )

• Emailing and/or writing to your MP

• Telling your friends

• Taking to social media

• Contacting local and national officials


Upcoming SHLI meeting

We are holding a public Supporters' Meeting on on Saturday September 8th 10am-12 noon to provide you with a more in-depth view of what is happening , to hear your thoughts and concerns and to answer your questions.


Sources: 1. DEFRA 2004 EfW facilities produced 2.4million tonnes CO2 per annum     2. Emsrayne LBEP FAQ’s     3. Emsrayne LBEP FAQ’s     4. Herts Insight Waste data  5. landscape

We will be updating this site regularly with news of the fight and more information and hard facts

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Stop the Harpenden Luton Incinerator